Like the title says greetings everyone!!
Let me start by saying thank you to everyone on the forum for all the information they have made available. Everything I've read has been top shelf.

It all started for me with a ENO Singlenest hammock that I came across on sale back in September 2009. It was cheap so I figured what the hell. Let me tell you after 2 days of hangin in my backyard I was hooked. I didnt even know that hammock camping was a thing let alone a giant community. Those 2 days in the backyard got me thinking that this is the way to go camping. Unfortunetly it hit me after I just bought a brand new ground tent. I wasnt going to let that stop me. So after doin some research, I came across this random webpage by accident it had the strangest name "Hammock Forums"
I thought wow, I didnt invent the wheel after all. So after spending countless hours reading, I came across something called a Clark Jungle Hammock. Well that did it, I was sold. By the end of November my Clark arrived. Which I might add was also the longest 2 weeks of November I've ever seen. I decided on getting the NX-250 Camo. I figured if I was already spending all that money on a Clark I might as well cough up the little extra to get Camo. By the time my clark arrived there was snow on the ground. Needless to say I dont have any winter camping gear and have been unable to set up my new favorite thing even to just try-out. I cant wait till the weather gets better.

So thats my story and Ive been patiently waiting for the weather to turn and it looks like winter is just about to break. I cant wait till my first hang. I look forward to sharing my experiences with it and hopefully be a contributer to more ground dwellers switching to the trees

Cheers from the Great white north
a.k.a. Muskoka Hangin