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Thanks Knotty. As a new to hammocking guy, I've made 2 hammocks using your method. They've been great! I appreciate all the DIY stuff this forum puts forth.
+100 to that one! Ron is so incredibly helpful. I made another hammock last month (1.9 oz. ripstop) and used it last week at session #1 BSA camp (Chawanakee). It worked just fine with no unexpected plops or drops. I used a thin cord similar to trip teeze as a structural ridgeline using the make a stopper knot on both sides then gather & whip between the knots method. I also installed a couple of Knotty leg tensioners using a grommet instead of stitching a button hole. They function, but I am still getting the hang of adjusting them. Overall weight for the hammock, suspension and stuff sack is 12 oz. Instead of taking a bunch of photos I decided to work on my napping merit badge.

Knotty, I was curious if it's reasonable to stitch a pleat along the edge where the tensioners go as a means of trimming an ounce or two and having the tension preset. Naturally, the adjustability goes out the window but maybe a preset tension works?