Hey Cali hangers,

If you have the time and the dime, a small group of folks I've met along the way and myself will be heading to Henry Coe State Park - near Morgan Hill, south of the Bay Area - this weekend Friday - Sunday.

Due to the unique nature of the permitting we can take last minute joiners - this is a low elevation park with lots of ridges and scattered pine/oak trees, some madrone, plenty of opportunity to hang (tenters bemoan the minimal flat spaces in fact) The wildflowers should be blooming. Weather looks pretty good according to NOAA.

Email me for more info or visit the page (coepark.org) - I will be at park headquarters at 9 am Friday, with my Gossamer Gear pack and Warbonnet Blackbird. I will be accompanied by a variety of light and heavy packers.

We can hang food to keep it out of rodent jaws. Some of use are probably taking bear cans just because they like the ease of use.

I am crossing my fingers - earlier this spring dayhiking near the park, I saw a herd of Tule Elk. More likely to see a lot of turkeys and maybe some wild pigs, tho.