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There is no way that 30F is an accurate rating for the snugfit.
I've used it with only a JRB stealth (sewn through) at freezing and been toasty.
Clearly, based on many previous reports. And just based on 2.5" loft with plenty of baffles (good down control) and a very snug fit, it should be good to 20 for a lot of folks. I was always surprised at the 30 rating, seemed like it should be rated warmer than that.

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I am a very warm sleeper.

The Snugfit really is rated very conservatively.

If you aren't used to sleeping in a Hennessy, the bugnet combined with an extremely snugly hung tarp really traps in heat well... too well for me during the summer (when I need it most due to bugs). My HH is on its way for a zipper mod before I head to Iraq again so that I can unzip the netting so it doesn't retain heat.

Semper Fidelis,

Agree, a HH net ( and even more so, a HH Super Shelter top cover) holds in a good bit of heat and keeps a good bit of wind out. A snug tarp helps to. I am still amazed at MINUS 17 ( is that correct, what you meant when you said "17 below", you meant 17 below ZERO?), and warm enough to not even use the 30*F top quilt, with a 30*F (RATED, I realize it's warmer than that for most folks) Snugfit below.

It just goes to show the vast difference in folks when it comes to cold tolerance. I'm not as cold natured as most folks I know. But still, I'm sure I could not use those items at any where near 17 below zero. 17above, maybe, but not below.

BTW, love those High Uintas! I used to live in Layton, not far from them, and would camp up there often. What time of year was that when you and the scouts were up there? Where did you camp? Beautiful country!