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    JRB Springer Mods

    Not going to bother posting a photo on just this part but I do have a plan created for all of the mods to this quilt.

    First step this evening was easy, remove the useless Omnitape. I found the Omnitape not to hold very well where I wanted it to. When I bought it I liked the idea but after using it as a ground pounder (it's intended purpose) I find the stuff just doesn't hold when tossing and turning.

    With the tape removed I cut the weight 1.8 ounces by my scale.

    Tomorrow I begin adding additional down to the baffles. I have 7 ounces total of 750+ fill.

    My intention is to first add down to the baffles and make sure I am on the right track. If that goes well, then I intend to remove a large portion of the bottom and created a sewn footbox.

    My hope is that by removing the omnitape and then creating a proper tapered footbox, the weight loss will offset the gain of the new down holding the total weight to 23 ounces.

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    Did you buy the JRB quilt with this modification in mind to do, or is this an older piece of gear that you are trying to make better??

    I guess I'm confused because it would seem that you want a different quilt than what the JRB quilt is and you are doing a lot of work to make it change.

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    Warm Soda, see this thread: for the lead-in to this project.
    Grinch, it sounds like a plan - good luck.

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