Well I finally got out Sunday and did a solo overnight 17 mile backpack on the Old Settlers Trail here in the Smokies. This trail lies between the Cosby and Greenbriar sections of the park and connects them. This area was one of the more populated sections when the park was formed so there alot of signs of human occupation.

Ready to head out after being dropped off by my wife.

Still some snow holding on in the high and shady spots.

The trail follows down one hollar, across some flats, up the next hollar and over the ridge to start again. In the hollars and flats chimneys are found.

6.5 miles from Greenbriar I arrived and BC33 located on an old homesite. For Travel Channel viewers this the campsite Samantha Brown stayed at filming her Great Weekends series.

Blackbird and Spinn Mamajamba set up. No underquilt, used reflectix as a pad and took along two sleeping bags. I lay on my synthetic and used my down bag as a top quilt. Worked pretty well as long as I took the time to tuck in well but wouldn't want to go below 30*F with it.

Wider view.

Only complete chimney left along the trail. A big windstorm one day will push a tree into it and it will be gone.

Alot of rock walls along the trail. They had to do something with them when clearing fields. Also rock cairns are abundant. When they came across a boulder to big to move they would pile small stone on it.

Corner of a cabin with fireplace in background.

Restored T McCarter barn built 1876. A maintenance road from nearby US321 accesses the trail. I ran into a crew clearing blowdowns halfway through my trip so the entire trail should be clear by now.

T McCarter homestead with springhouse.

End of the trail but another 1.2 miles to get to where I parked my truck. If you like to see the rest of the pictures from this trip click here http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/576958185zuMcaD