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    extending range of UQ with ccf and/or neatsheet

    The other night I was out in a WBBB 1.1 DL, MWUQ, HR and Stealth on top of me. I left my tarp in the skins because it was a clear night and the sky was awesome and it was not very cold (20F) and minimal wind. At first I also had a z-rest ccf under me as well however I had the familiar coolness right under my butt that I have had before. I was actually inserting the z-rest to fix this issue. I knew the air temp at this point was about 35F so I couldn't believe it. I removed the pad and the coolness went away. I was puzzled. Is there something about the ccf that interfered with partnership between body heat and down? I don't know but it got me thinking.

    I would like to extend the range of the stealth as an UQ and have the z-rest and a diy neatsheet UQ to use. I carry the short z-rest anyway so am trying to get more use out of it. In conjunction with the BB how much temp extension do you think the z-resta and the NS will provide? Is it best to layer body, z-rest, stealth, neatsheet? or is there another order that would be better? thought?
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