It came in the mail today. and i set it up. first of all this thing is huge. from bottom to top is about 9 feet. (i can reach it standing just barley) it is plenty long for my 10 foot diy hammock i strung it up first just using my structural ridge line but decided that another line about is nessisary. (if you use a continual ridge line for your tarp and you hang it underneath then that would work i believe.)

about the entry. it is a shock cord running threw a channel with a cord lock. it takes some effort to get it to close all the way but not much to open it. not the best system but it works. I think i will leave it a bit open so that i can stick my feet threw and use them to pull cord threw the cord lock.

my main worry is keeping this thing off of the ground in rainy weather. i might hang the end of the shock cord from the bottom on the ridge line to keep it dry. we will see with use.