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    Lightbulb Duo-Hammock

    OK, here we go!

    I need to hear some input from you married couple/significant other couples/close friends, ETC., (or anyone else) that have tought about or tried to make a double hammock but with the attributes of a single hammock.

    The thought was given to me this weekend when my wife stole my newest DIY and forced me back to my back-up. She then said to make us a double hammock like the one she just stole.

    Problem - I don't like the idea of sliding to the middle that a conventional double would give.

    First thought solution - take two singles and sew them together with a small spreader bar in the ends for some minimal seperation. Hence, you can still be close but have the feeling of being in your own hammock.

    What do you think?

    CLARIFICATION - not intended to be a discussion on what may or may not happen IN the hammock. My intention is to discuss a way that a couple could be close, for sleeping, not to figure out a way to go bouncy bouncy. I apologize if my intentions seemed otherwise.
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