Last night I slept in a HH Backpacker asym...I put a winter yeti under it.
Contortion-like many while in the hammock I can spin up and get in the indian sitting position....then I looked at the HH entrance psuedo russian blue cat walked by and i leaned into the slit and grabbed at him...he was too quick and bolted but while there I saw the yeti and that I could easily adjust left or right.
Point of the story- if you have an HH and if you are a bit nimble flexible you can adjust a 2/3's UQ in an HH....I'm sure it applies to a te-wa or a stormcrow UQ too.
As far as getting in and out the 2/3's UQs are easier than a full length UQ unless its like of the the JRB models with purpose built matching entrance slit.
Just an observation