Hello everyone!
My Name is Zac and I'm from the land down under, New Zealand (Which is not part of Australia, although we are very close!)

I've recently been getting very excited about Hammock camping and have been researching as much as I can in almost ALL of my free time this past week. I am still a complete noob..
I enjoy hunting and camping and will often go on hunting trips where I have to stay in the bush. The last time I went out I made a bivy on the ground but it was really uncomfortable as sleeping on the ground usually is and it's also quite hard to find flat spots as I go hunting in the mountains.

So I'm currently trying to get ideas for building my very first hammock and to be honest I'm getting very overwhelmed by all the options! You guys are incredibly creative!

I guess the first thing I need to do is find a suitable material both for the hammock and also for the fly. I've looked at a few stores here in NZ but ripstop nylon is quite expensive. I've been trying to source materil from overseas but am having a hard time trying to find a supplier with cheap material. Any suggestions??