Hey there,

This is my first time posting here, despite being an avid hammock user for the past couple years. I have two commercially made hammocks, a Myan-style string hammock I found a the county fair 13 years ago, and a $20 simple rectangular hammock I found at an outdoor retailer. I have made a few of my own, which were simple, rectangular, with either knotted or hemmed ends with cord through the hems for attachment. I made my first "asym" a few months ago, but I wasn't thrilled with the final product.

While I've spent a good number of nights and lazy afternoons at work when nobody was around in my simple hammocks, and never felt uncomfortable- but still I have always wanted to try to make an asymmetrical version to improve comfort a tad.

Culling through this website there is a plethora of information, and some very knowledgeable people here too, so I thought we could all contribute to a brief summary of what we have tried in making asyms, and how what we have tried turned out.

The Hennessy patent lists three types of asymmetry:
1. A shorter end

2. A shorter side

3. A varying center of folding on either or both ends.

I have never seen or been in a Hennessy hammock, but the patent claims the combination of all three of these asymmetries to be ideal for achieving comfort. Two other concepts used (which I have tried and haven't found added much on there own) are to make the ends either convex or concave to achieve either more or less sag in the middle of the hammock.

So,... What has everyone tried, in what combinations, and to what end????

Thanks so much for contributing!