yeah, cheaper sleeping bags don't compress as much as expensive ones do, and as result, they don't compress 100% under bodyweight like the other ones do, and can sometimes be used without a pad, which is very nice, as long as you don't have to fit them into a small pack or carry them too far.

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I have slept in my HH explorer the past two nights, and havent had the problem i described above. Thank you everyone for your thoughts/suggestions. I believe that i either had the hammock set-up with too much slant, ie one end too high, or the HH does in fact stretch a bit after a few uses. Another possibility is that i was just being dumb that one day. you never knpw. Last night i slept so great in hammock that i dont remember waking up once. felt great in the morning.

as far as the ridgeline, i suspect mine is made of spectra, but am not sure. as far as i can tell it has not stretched.

also, i have been sleeping in a cotton tee shirt, nylon pants with mesh liner, and only a 40 degree wal mart snythetic bag with no ccf pad under it, and a kelty compressible pillow with synthetic insulation, and have not had issues with being cold. lows around the clayton, ga, area have been in the fifties and sixties.