I'm in Southeast Mi. near U.S.23 and I-96. Lots of camping areas and hiking trails nearby. State Parks, Metro Parks and city parks.

I have not hung yet but I am never sleeping on the ground again! I watched some Shug Emery videos on YouTube and now all I can think about is hanging.

Last year I went out and bought a ENO double nester (good for 400lbs, I weigh 350lbs and am 6'5"). It seems to fit well but I've never slept in it yet.

I have a huge synthetic 0 degree sleeping bag, but I'm to big for it(it's a 40X90) and I can't zip it shut. It weighs 5.25lbs I've thought of using it for an underquilt or just leave it at home, take my wool Army blanket, a pad and reflector blanket. Will this work in cold weather?

I'm not sure I should be talking about all that stuff here or introducing myself. I'm retired, 63 years old, at least 100lbs. over weight never really been camping much and now I'm thinking about long distance backing. I've watched so many videos that now when I'm trying to figure out what to pack I'm mixing up the equipment not knowing anymore what is survivalist, pack packing or just for camping out.

I back and repack but the pack is still over 70lbs.
What is a fat man to do? No one seems to carry lightweight clothes and equipment for a tall big man. Tall yes, Big yes,but not big & tall.