I grew up in So Paris, Me and spent a lot of time in the Whites. I few years ago I moved down the Charlotte, nc for work and just back into hiking and backpacking this last year. Now I stomp around Linville mostly and try to get to the smokies as often as I can. I realized that I can't sleep on the ground, really I would spend every night checking off each hour as it passed while staring at the top of my tent. I found the Hennessey Hammock and the rest is history. I have been playing with ways to stay warm at night when the mercury drops but havenít settled yet on a superior solution. In December I camped on Madron bald, Smokies, and used an emergency reflective tarp that I hung under the HH. Once I stuffed my jacket under my butt and back I was snug even when it got down into the teens. Recently I used a big Agnes air pad and that was ok too. Iím thinking of making my own UQ custom fit to my HH. I just recently took up sewing and started making my own gear so it seems like a good project to undertake. I think I would like to get to the point where I donít need a sleeping bag at all. Just the UQ and a small down quilt for the inside. Any way thatís me in a nut shell.