I couln't fnd my thread sorry. Here are the photos I took today of the first pitch of the hammock tent.

that was my first attempt to get into it.

ok I'm in but the head and foot of the hammock are reversed and the tent is too far down from the hammock and will need another 3 foot extension from the left where they will meet with velcro, where I will get in and out.

the wind is coming from the left here. You can see the triangle of mosquito net at the end partially blocked by blowing tent. Note the looped spectra climbing slings making the taut hammock ridge line and the tent ridge line above.

this shows how the suspension passes through a grommet in the bottom of the tent, a stick to keep the vent open and the suspension, which is taught and has a minimum 3,000 lb test everywhere. I can pull on the ridge line inside to slide up the hammock.

shows hammock and suspension alone.
Jim S