this is a thread i started locally, but all are welcome. carry your pack if you want. i will have mine. just thought it was a good idea,

i'm planning a slackpacking trip of the Batona Trail (NJ) first weekend of May. "Slackpacking" is when a shuttle vehicle takes your gear ahead to camp and you carry a daypack with raingear and lunch. this may give a few that don't have lightweight gear to complete the Batona in one trip.

leaving Bass river on 5/1 and hiking to Buttonwood Camp (there is a new blue blaze off trail) then 5/2 to Batona Camp and 5/3 to Ong's Hat to finish up.

there are many points you could get off if you don't want to do the whole trail or you could just hang out and camp as they are all drive-in camp sites.

there is no fee for this(other then $2 a nite to Batsto), but you may want to feed the driver .

what are your thoughts on this. i think it will give people a chance to do the trail without the cost of ultra lite gear. My pack is 22 lb with food , but about $1500+ worth of gear, too much for just a weekend. i will be carrying a SPOT, GPS and Phone.