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    space saver whoppies

    my newest suspension idea.
    single line with whoopie on each end.i moved the rings that the chain links attach to,to the inside of the i have an adjustable structural ridge(by loosening the rings knots and moving them)and an easily adjustable whoopie on each end.the buries of the whoppies are no longer making my setup longer,and are under the more accidently pulling the loop out of the whoopie.
    the top illustration in the drawing is the same suspension as the suspension on the bottom of the is simply shown without hammock attached.
    i tied this up on my clark yesterday(my third change since getting my stuff 1.5 months ago from ahe).
    if you do not have it set tight enough for the ridge to stay tight when you put your weight in the hammock,the whoppie buries(that are now part of the ridge) will not be tight and the whoppies will slip.i was in and out of it several times yesterday when properly tightened and had no problems.i will test it out on a few overnight hangs shortly.
    whoo hangin
    edit afterthoght.this may work with a ucr on each side instead of the whoopie.
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