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    Quote Originally Posted by TinaLouise View Post
    Ok, I get the whoopie ridge line over the hammock. I'm having trouble with how you're doing that in a "Clark" hammock
    I'm in the process of making whoopies for my Clark suspension w/amsteel rope. I'm gonna try them out on my Clark tarp too. But I'm still thinking about my Clark ropes/bungee cords that are used to hold up the netting. Would love to see pictures of your set-up because I'm really confused on how that's working out for you.

    TL thanks for the clark input.on the two attachment points of my clark i have attached a mitten hook.after the suspension is up and hammock atached,i clip these hooks onto the ridge line.
    i plan on getting some shock cord.i will use this to attach the mitten hooks to the hammock instead of the direct attachment.see drawing for more complete expanation
    mitten hook.bmp
    at the moment my chain links are a little short to get my clark to fully open.(13"on the foot end 14"head end)i am going to make them 2" longer.
    i hang my tarp off of a seperate line now.i did not like the limited adjustment options it had when the tarp is attached to the hammock.
    whoopin da clark
    p.s.will get some real pictures in a couple of days
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    Not really sure how I missed this, but it's a very clever idea - another possible benefit, by having the whoopie buries deep under the tarp, you could prevent the whoopies from freezing up in nasty wet winter weather. Definitely a cool concept for hammocks without internal ridgelines. This setup coupled with a Switchback hammock would be the hotness.

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