Hello to everyone.

Just getting into the hammock thing. Found the HF on Shug's YouTube site. Between Shug, Tinny (from MiniBull Design) and Dave Canterbury (Wilderness Outfitters) I have developed an interest in hammock camping. In Missouri we have a lot of places to hike and a lot of trees to hang hammocks on. Being six foot three inches tall and 230 pounds, I settled on the Trail Light Single Hammock, I figure ten foot by five foot and 400 pound capacity would be enough to hold me. As far as a tarp, I will be using a ten foot by ten foot tarp I use to cover my patio furniture in the Winter time. At least until I save enough money to get one of those tarps made out of that fancy nylon. Sleeping bag and Thermarest pad for insulation, I favor more fair weather camping. Shug's videos of his Winter exploits make me want to add layers. If any of you have any suggestions on hammocks, tarps, and other gear please feel free to give me your advice, especially advice for big and tall guys.

Thank you