I grew up north of Pittsburgh Pa and promptly left home in the Military as soon as they would take me. (split service 4 Navy/ 16 Coast Guard). Hunted a lot and did some camping in growing years in western Pa. The Scout roop I was in was following AND teaching leave no trace before anybody even thought it would be a problem. Iím in my late 50ís and been retired a few but have camped off and on the whole time I was on active duty when I could get time to get in the woods

I'm not really a backpacker, just a fair weather camper now in Escambia County Florida. I guess I don't really even qualify as a newbie yet as I don't have any hanging gear yet. Been bouncing around the forum for a while after I ran across one of Shugs vids on youtube.

I was researching Tinny's stoves from Minibull design and ran into a stove review and started watching all of Shugs vids. went from having the stove bug to getting the hammock bug pretty quick as I have a lot of trouble lying on the ground flat for any length of time. It seemed like the camping system that makes the most sense.

Started researching DIY hammocks and then commercial hammocks. Would probably have a hammock if I could find ripstop in Pensacola, (or really cheap on the Net) but now I am leaning towards a Hennessy Expedition due to the skeeters and yellow flies here. Like the idea of the bugnet. Seems like it will be my best pick as it's an all in one package. It wouldn't be as cheap as DIY, or as much fun but it's still a little chilly here and I'm like I said, a fair weather camper.

Still bouncing around getting ideas on hanging systems etc, just gleaning knowledge from everyone's hard research, why duplicate known problems. Haven't yet decided if I'm going to go DIY yet. But there's no real hurry yet. Will probably be in the air before too much longer.

Anybody know of a good DIY on a under cover for a Hennessy that I could use to hold light insulation. Donít need to go to an UQ yet, just need a little extra as I feel the cold faster than rest of my family. If I go DIY on my hammock Iíll probably follow Headchange4Uís plans I like the thought of an Asym hammock. Iíll probably end up a hard-core DIYer s that has always been the way Iím wired.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to experiment an post their results, especially for us newbies, on limited funds, that donít really have a clue as what might work. Helps not waste what resources we can scrape together. Keep up the great work.