Construction on my DIY tarp will begin soon. Just about got it all figured out except for the method I'll use to bind the ridgeline seam. I know it isn't required, but I'm determined to do it. I want to apply the binding over the seam and not roll the seam over the binding. There's nothing wrong with rolling it over, I know, but I want it on the outside for appearance.

So my questions are:

1) If I use the Backwoods Daydreamer modified felled seam and apply a binding material over it (GG, or maybe a low-stretch polyester twill), is the binding applied so that the stitching is outside the felled seam area (i.e just into a single layer of sil), or is the stitching applied through the felled seam (i.e. through many layers of sil). I can see the benefit of stitching through multiple layers, but then I think I will need to make my felled seam wider to accommodate the width of the binding. I was planning to use ~1/2" binding.

2) Is the binding applied to the outside of the tarp only? I presume so, but somewhere in the gallery I saw a tarp with GG binding on both sides of the ridgeline seam. That seems like overkill, but what do you guys think?