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    Quote Originally Posted by millarky View Post
    A middle aged thread I know, but I had the same issue last night. Granted, it was my first night in the Switchback but I was not comfortable at all. I'm going to play around with different degrees and sags. I may be trying to make it a flatter hang as I'm a newbie. If I were to go to a structural ridge line, does it attach to the ring buckles? I really want this hammock to work. It is well made and quite spacious.
    I'd be inclined to try more sag rather than a flatter hang, but then I don't know how you had it pitched. The "rule of thumb" (IIRC) for a fixed ridgeline is 83% of the nominal hammock length (e.g. 10 foot hammock =120 inches times 83% yields 100" ridgeline.) Other posters "tinker" with the ridgeline length in 1 inch increments to find what works best for them. You don't HAVE to have a fixed ridgeline, though I find that having one makes consistent pitching easier to achieve and less stressful!
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    Mike, Thanks for the offer! Really busy right now working and getting ready to kayak but I hope to do the Springboro hang then I can get my stuff sorted out. Hope to see you there.
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