This weekend was a time for backyard hanging to try out some new gear including my Switchback hammock. So Friday night I got everything rigged (Switchback, MacCat Deluxe with Opie's new toggled ridge line, MW4UQ, whoopie slings). For the life of me, I couldn't find the "sweet spot" and wound up with only about 2 hours sleep. Ugh!

Wondering if it was only me, I swapped out the Switchback for my trusty Blackbird and slept comfortably and soundly on Saturday night.

My experience was a dramatically more comfortable "lie" with the WBBB over the Switchback. The Switchback is beautifully made and hugely spacious. I want to like it, but it's not a good start so far. I'll give it another night or two. It may just be me...or the way I had it hung. Next time I'll try it with a bit more sag (the absence of a fixed ridgeline may have contributed to pitching issues).

What have other Switchback users found?