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    Hey Shug, Shugster, the Shuginator, Master of the Muni, the Shug-oh,

    Making vids at the computer, the Shugster. [N.B. - think SNL] Ahem...

    I watched all yer vids, some have me , some leave me about your mental health, but all are . If you mentioned ridgeline and guyline length in them I missed it. They are helpful and entertaining.

    You are priceless asset here, my friend. Keep up the good work.

    Everyone else, thanks for all the advice. I'm glad I asked, I was way overshooting.
    ..Mike the Weed Warrior bio // Think globally, act locally: Remove an invasive plant

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    I keep my guylines w/a tautline hitch tied at the ends. That way they're usually doubled and about 4' long. Or I can slip the hitch down and make the guyline longer as I need to. My tarp only has rope comeing from each end, not a continuous running ridge line, so I can't give you any concret length for that.

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