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    I have been able to sew sticky backed velcro with my Consew industrial machine. The needle is already coated with wax from the thread I use. I have only done it with small patches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldgringo View Post
    I don't know what the sticky back velcro is good for...if memory serves, I read the packaging once, and it said the glue didn't hold well on fabrics...I think...
    As with all loop and hook fasteners there are various qualities available. The self adhering stuff has significant advantages in the industrial strength quality and can be used for medical purposes such as prosthetics where sewing it on is not practical. Likewise, the stuff sold by WalMart is a wimpy second cousin to the real stuff. It is primarily marketed to people who have no clue how to use it correctly. You are correct... it don't hold for squat on most fabric applications.

    Industrial hook and loop (velrco is a registered trade name) has a higher density of fasteners. If you used that density on the fasteners sold by the big box guys you would just pull the adhesive off. It just won't stick that hard. But the really high tensile adhesives can add a pretty penny to the cost.
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