I have been researching hammock camping for quite a while after getting tired of hauling a tent around and having to spend 20+ minutes just to get the tent set up, have decided that hammocks are the way to go. I haven't bought one yet but I have sat/laid in a few and find them to be very comfortable. I have been outdoors for years including being a Scout (I'm sure everybody was at one time) years ago.

So my debate is which hammock to go with? (Always the question right? )

I really like all the options and capabilities of the HH Exped. Asym but it's of course a bit pricy for a first hammock. (Although I'm not opposed to just starting off with an expensive one that will last for years )

I also have been looking at the ENO Single/DoubleNest (Along with the Bug Net and Rain Fly) and like the simplicity of it as well as being able to replace just what breaks/tears on it without having to buy a whole new system since the Hammock, Rain Fly, and Bug Net are all seperate pieces.

Alongside I saw the Byer Moskito Traveler and although I love the price and capabilities, I'm not too fond of the strings at the end as well as "getting what you paid for".

For some background information, although I like to hike/backpack lightly (Who doesn't!) weight isn't necessarily an issue. I will not be getting caught up on a 1-2 pound difference considering anything is better than a 6-8 pound tent .

Also I understand I will be having to invest in an UQ and TQ but that's all when time/funding allows so I don't think it's much of an issue right now especially with spring/summer quickly approaching.

Well so what do you guys think??

(BTW Shug it's your fault I'm here )