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    Hello from the Ozarks!

    I have been researching hammock camping for quite a while after getting tired of hauling a tent around and having to spend 20+ minutes just to get the tent set up, have decided that hammocks are the way to go. I haven't bought one yet but I have sat/laid in a few and find them to be very comfortable. I have been outdoors for years including being a Scout (I'm sure everybody was at one time) years ago.

    So my debate is which hammock to go with? (Always the question right? )

    I really like all the options and capabilities of the HH Exped. Asym but it's of course a bit pricy for a first hammock. (Although I'm not opposed to just starting off with an expensive one that will last for years )

    I also have been looking at the ENO Single/DoubleNest (Along with the Bug Net and Rain Fly) and like the simplicity of it as well as being able to replace just what breaks/tears on it without having to buy a whole new system since the Hammock, Rain Fly, and Bug Net are all seperate pieces.

    Alongside I saw the Byer Moskito Traveler and although I love the price and capabilities, I'm not too fond of the strings at the end as well as "getting what you paid for".

    For some background information, although I like to hike/backpack lightly (Who doesn't!) weight isn't necessarily an issue. I will not be getting caught up on a 1-2 pound difference considering anything is better than a 6-8 pound tent .

    Also I understand I will be having to invest in an UQ and TQ but that's all when time/funding allows so I don't think it's much of an issue right now especially with spring/summer quickly approaching.

    Well so what do you guys think??

    (BTW Shug it's your fault I'm here )

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    Hello and welcome DaMexicanos. We just had a great hang south of you near Jasper, AR and there were a variety of hammocks there. Wish we could have gotten you down there for a look-see. I'm thinking you are going to want a bug net just due to your location. If you are going to do any cool/cold weather hanging, a double layer hammock allows you to insert a pad for warmth. You can always place a pad on top of a single layer but it'll shift around more than if between a double layer. Add a Warbonnet Blackbird to the list you are looking at. It is a very popular hammock here. The Hennessy's are nice too but if going with one of them you really should had a ZQ/2Q zipper mod to allow entry from the top. I'm sure others will chime in with additional thoughts.


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    Welcome! Always glad to see another Missourian join the ranks of the "hammock enlightened"!

    For a first hammock I recommend doing it yourself. Don't worry about bells and whistles like mosquito netting and so forth. Just make a simple hammock to try and get the "hang" of hanging. If it works for you then at some point you may want to upgrade to a nicer set up.

    I spent some time in your neck of the woods last summer when I went to hike in Hercules Glades. Really pretty area of the Ozarks.

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    Get the Byer ......add a decent tarp and go from there.....
    A cheap 1 pound hammock. Will get ya' going.
    Or ..... invest in a BlackBird if you think the hammock style will take.
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    Welcome fellow Show-Me Stater!!

    You've already received some great advice from some of the other posts; so I'll try not to confuse things even more.

    You mentioned that Shug got you here (way to go Shug!!!); so you may or may not already be familiar with his excellent video tutorials for new hangers. If not, be sure to check them out here. Great advice and a lot of fun too.

    One suggestion though. Hammocks do sleep much cooler than tents. So even though we're finally getting some warmer weather, you will still want some insulation below you -- even if its 70* outside. You can start with a cheap Walmart blue foam pad (its around $12 or so) until you get the funds together for a nice underquilt. You can just use your existing sleeping bag as a top quilt.

    As to a many others I prefer the Warbonnet. But I wouldn't necessarily recommend it if funds are tight and you aren't sure you'll stick with hammocking. Buy an inexpensive hammock with a bugnet. Later when you upgrade to a better hammock you can always sell your "starter" hammock to someone on the forums.

    Good luck and have fun!!!

    p.s. to Herber: Good call on Hercules Glades. I'm planning to spend the weekend down there!!!

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    Thanks for all the welcoming!

    I have slept in hammocks before so I understand that it sleeps much cooler than in a tent where you don't have the air moving under you.

    I have a ThermARest already that I will most likely use until I make my own quilts.

    I have looked at the BlackBird and while it does have a lot of features it just doesn't really appeal to me (Just personal opinion.)

    So I think I have brought it down to the HH and the ENO.

    I actually haven't been to the Hercules Glades area, I will have to go one of these days once I get my hammock setup all together .

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