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    ACU skins and space blanket

    Been busy with the thread injector. Needed some new skins for my OES tarp and some type of SB that could fit in the double layer WBBB. So here are the pics. SB is one layer of 1.1 breathable ACU ripstop facing the WBBB (darker color), a single interior layer of IX, and a back cover of 1.9 coated (silver inside) non-breathable ACU ripstop. Finished dimensions: 52" long x 31.5" w.
    Skins are 58" long with a 3.5" throat and 1.5" tail - breathable 1.1 ACU ripstop.

    Now if I don't "perspire" too much, this might work. Testing next week on AT 3 week trek from I-81 Groseclose VA crossing to Buena Vista, VA. I do have a backup plan stored in the vehicle in case the SB doesn't make the grade. Journals to be posted at:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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