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    The arrival of the Crowsnest!

    Well Adia and myself just got home from running an errand and what should be at my door but----two packages, one from Opie (Tarp STL's) and the other from the man, the one and only "Stormcrow". Well as you can imagine I knew exactly what it was and was grinning from ear to ear, went running through the house, accidentally kicked the dog (it was on accident, I love our dog) opened the box and there in all it's glory was the Crowsnest UQ. I have to say that it is truly a piece of art (but will not be hung on the wall for all to see, it will be on my hammock). It was truly done by a professional, all the seams are perfect, and what was really a very nice touch was the end channel, on one end it has a cord lock and on the other he sewed the shock cord onto the grossgrain (both ends are the same) it shows this in one of the pic's below. The weight is 19.5oz, grey on the inside and black on the outside, and I do believe it has 900fp down in it with added overstuff. Stormcrow thank you "VERY" much, and I have to say that if you need an UQ, Stormcrow should be at the top of the contact list!!! I will give a more in depth report when I have a chance to hang with it.

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