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    Freth from Delaware, Ohio...

    Hello. I'm completely new to hammocks. In fact, I have yet to sleep in one.

    I happened upon the Hennessy site in my search for camping gear to go along with my new (used) Jeep and my newfound sense of adventure. The concept of the camping hammock is perfect for what I was looking for, so I did the research and decided to support Brandon and get a Warbonnet BB, combined with a MacCat Ultra tarp. I am still waiting patiently on the orders to be fulfilled.

    My intention is to become a light backpacking camper. I have always been the typical camping type--pitch a tent and carry loads of gear. Since I've found out about camping hammocks, tents suddenly become obsolete and so does lugging heavy, unnecessary gear.

    My camping of choice is primitive camping, so the hammock fits with where I want to go with my Jeep. I've also had an interest in learning survival techniques and familiarizing myself with local plant life. Thanks to this forum and the hammock community it's all coming together. The amount of valuable insight on this forum will give me everything I need to become a hanger deluxe and bring out the true outdoorsman in me.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention... I'm also a geocacher and amateur nature photographer.
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