Hey everyone! I've decided to make a tarp to replace the tiny stock HH one, and I'm considering using Tyvek. It's only $1.75 per linear foot available in 7'-9' widths on ebay. I've read the "Definitive Tyvek" article and feel Tyvek will probably work for me until I can afford to replace it with a silnylon tarp. I'm thinking of making either a BlackCat (WhiteCat in this case?) or a 7x7 diamond. I'm leaning towards the diamond, it's just simpler to make.

I'm trying to figure out how much material to buy for the 7x7. I could just get exactly that much, but it will shrink a little if I wash it (I assume that rain would eventually do the same thing) so I wonder whether I should buy a larger amount to allow for this. I think it would still cover my hammock just fine (Hennessy Scout). The ridgeline is 10' before shrinking it would still be over 9' afterwards. The hammock is a little over 8', so is that still enough to give me good coverage end to end? If the 7' width will be enough I would rather get it since it is not printed on either side.

I'm planning on using tie outs instead of grommets. I have some old backpacks I can steal webbing off of, and I'm wondering if that will work okay.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!