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Well, let's see...The type of silicone you use is probably important. The suggested adhesive in the article was GE Silicone II (clear), that's what I used and it has worked real well. You can get it at most hardware stores.

The other big thing is in regards to how you weight the pullout down while it's drying. Since your pullout has a loop of webbing sticking out of the middle, if you just put a weight on top of it some parts of the circle of fabric wouldn't get pressed on. So, you need to cut out another circle, either from cardboard or styrofoam, or similar, with a slit in the middle to pull the webbing through. By pulling the webbing through a slit like this you can place your weight on the cardboard or styrofoam without creating any unweighted areas.

The last thing I can think of, is that you should probably throw down some wax paper to keep anything from sticking that you didn't want to stick. So, after you put the pullout down, throw some wax paper on above it, then your cardboard/foam, then your weight.

That's about all I got. Make sense?
Sweet! Thanks for the info. I have hesitated in adding the tie outs to my new DIY tarp, even though they performed awesome on my first DIY tarp. This method should take some of the pain out of it.