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Thread: DIY tent fly

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    DIY tent fly

    Okay, I know..this is hammocks, but I have to forgo my hammock to go tent in the desert next month. Soooo..I picked up an ALPS mountaineering Mystyque solo tent way back last fall. Light enough for this trip but as my testing for this and that ran on, I found my fly that came w/said tent too bulky. NOW you know what happens...yep..I made one out of some syl-nylon I have, kinda copied the original design, only plan to use it for 3 days so it's NOT bomb proof, just water proof. Will serve the purpose I hope. Sprayed said fly w/campproof both sides. Did the water far so good. I feel okay w/it. I figured this being the only time of a few I will use said tent. I may tweak the cover a bit, but right now with time too short before I leave, this will make do. Will/hope to download pics/links to set-up after I'm back. Yeah, I know, I could of just A-framed it, but remember...nothing to tie off to.

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    It should be good experience sewing sil at the very least. I look forward to your trip report.

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