...says my friend. It was his uncles! I was telling him I was looking for some down to salvage for a top quilt. He tell me that he's got his uncle's old sleeping bag from the army I can have to do whatever I want with.

You know the type. "army green" and "tan dirt" colored cotton canvas. He doesn't use it, been sitting in the guest room closet for years, and said he'd rather it be used for one of my projects then sit there not being used even if it means tearing it up.

It's in good shape, and the zipper is still even functional and is only missing two teeth along the whole draw. No holes. But because of the canvas it weighs a ton LOL. (very little compressability LOL)

My question is if it would be worth it? I wouldn't think that the down fill used 'back then' would have been as lofty and high as fill power you can get in sleeping bags these days. Thoughts?

I am however considering making a hammock for my room and wouldn't mind a new "feather/down" quilt if it wouldn't be suitable for camping. It seems as though there's quite a lot of "poof" in there, as if overstuffed to compensate for the weight of the material?

Worth my time? I'd hate to start tearing into it only to find out it's not worthwhile. But on the other hand my friend is insistent his uncle would rather it be used somehow than not at all.... *is torn*