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    Cleat/Hitchcraft question for the engineers

    For the last couple of days I have been playing around with the nylon rope cleats ( Panther Marine brand). So far, neat as a boot jack. But I haven't had time to do an all night hang yet. But so far, my 206 lbs ( down 3.5 lbs so far, got to hump it up those Olympic(or Cascade) Mts. in one month!) has had no noticeable effect on the one I am hanging from. And it has not slipped even a fraction of an inch so far, even with me bouncing around a good bit chair/lounger style. Time will tell. Sure is quick and easy!

    I have been following Hitchcrafts advice for the testing period of a new device. When I am laying down in the hammock, I am using the cleat only on the foot end. Hoping that if something gives, maybe my feet will hit first and the descent speed of my head will be decreased since the head end will still be holding. Might help, don't know.

    But also, when I finish wrapping around the cleat, I am wrapping a couple of half hitches ( or some other knot) around the rope, and then back to the other side of the cleat and around that end of the rope. I hope you can tell what I am talking about by the somewhat rushed and demented looking sketch I will try and provide.

    What does the brain power here think? Would such rigging do any good at all if a device broke or bent severely? Perhaps at least slowing the rate of acceleration as the knots tightened up? Or would such a precaution be useless, not worth the minute or so required to tie the knots/lashing?

    BTW, I have good news on the buckle orders. My extra webbing with loop arrived today. This forced me to finally deal with ordering either the buckles or rings. All of this shipping lately has been a real pain, costing more than what I have been ordering. Plus you would have to order 5 to get the $10 minimum, then $8.61 UPS ground. Someone here(Angrysparrow?) advised that if you called, they would send by mail. Well, not only that, but when he asked "how many?", I asked "what's the minimum?". And he answered: "There is none"! So I ordered 2. I don't know if he made an error, or if the $10 min is only for web orders. Either way, it's probably worth a phone call to at least save on shipping. I don't know what the postage will be, but I highly expect that for a few ounces ship weight from TN to MS, it will be less than $8.61. I'll soon know!
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