Are we no longer “special”?

At traildays this year (07) I walked through the campgrounds counting hammocks, I counted 25 counting 1 that left Friday PM & 1 that left Sat PM. I counted just before the Billville “useless gear” contest started.
I know of at least 8 converted to “the way” @ TD, AND it seems to me, the membership here & on Ed’s site is growing rather briskly.
I do not “Preach” but if asked, I will expound the benefits. I did show my work partner the campsite selection benefits @ RRG a few weekends ago. The West part of the Osborne loop trail has almost NO tent campsites till you get about 1 mile from the road, I had no problem, Matt & his nephew had to look & look & look (etc), I finally got tired & set up camp, they went another ½ - ¾ mile & found a sloping but “Ok” site. There is an ENO w tarp & netting in Sportsman’s guide for under $200.00 & a Hennesy for about the same price, so he is looking. I may have also converted his 16 YO nephew

So, after all the above chatter: does anyone else think we hangers are growing at a phenomenal rate? Well, maybe not a phenomenal rate, but rather quickly nevertheless. Seems to me that only a few years ago someone (don’t know who, can’t find it) on White Blaze said that “I’d be surprised if we got to 5%” I nodded my head & thought that seemed right, now I’m not so sure we won’t pass that by quite a lot, & soon.

I am glad, but in a way I am sad, I liked being “Special”. But, if you have a good thing, share. I’m going to push Matt over the edge, going to loan him my spare hammock over the weekend to try a night in the air. I am soooo bad.