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    they're stretching the truth by saying you can't camp within view of the like... great views can be had from many of the surrounding hills. and as for the group size i do believe we bs our way through that one on a few technicalities. for example 18 solo hikers camped near each other all using hammocks is not impossible. my thought was a leisurely stroll around the lake with a side trip each afternoon to a nearby hilltop to camp.... break out the stealth gear

    another option: no "backcountry" camping alloweds within view of the rim there are 2 or 3 developed camp grounds overlooking the lake though i do suspect we'd have to battle them to let us use our hammocks, though if anyone living in that area knows a park ranger personally... any chance at pulling some strings? i'm perfectly willing to give this a shot... and if it is indeed the will of the council then i'll email ms. Kemper about hammock usage in the developed usage, for backcountry camping i think it'll be better to ask forgiveness than permission
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