Good evening all! I'm proud to meet ya

I'm pushing 20 years old, and I live in middle Tennessee.
I go to MTSU with a Homeland Security major.
I'm a Search and Rescue guy, specifically as a Public Safety Diver. (I'm currently taking the Master diver course.)
I work a seasonal (summer) job at a TN state park.
I do a bit of Climbing/rappelling when the opportunity arises, specifically caving anytime possible. I also do a lot of range shooting (long range rifle), along with the typical Tennessee hunting and fishing.

Now down to the nitty gritty reason this ol' boy is here, I'm an avid backpacker who formally enjoyed long arduous journeys through the back country, followed by sleeping on the cold hard ground.. Still enjoy the back country, but no longer sleeping on the ground. I started getting into tarps to lighten the load a bit, but why lie on the ground under a tarp when I can hang under one? I like the versatility a hammock offers, plus when on a long rescue the hammock gives me the ability to rest MUCH easier, with much better quality rest. I've been using a friends hammock, I'm in the market for one myself. I'll probably do a lot of lurking and reading before I post too much. Appreciate the opportunity to be a part of yall's community.