I posted this same question on whiteblaze, but I though it would be good to post it here.I recently bought a Jacks 'R' Better 3 Season set and am having a hard time setting up the nest. When I velcro the nest together I am unable to get rid of the sag below the slit on my HH Explorer Ultralight A-Sym. Has anyone else had this problem? I put my wife in it last night and tried for 45 minutes to get rid of the sag. On the other side I can get it to fit perfectly. The only thing close to a solution that I could find was to velcro the nest to the HH slit. This eliminated most of the sag. I still had to contend with the draft from the now open slit. I have tried every combination possible with no luck. Last night I slept to a record 4:45 before the cold spot woke me up. It was a pretty warm night with the temperature about 50F. Does anyone have any ideas that could help?

Also, If I have to velcro the nest to the HH velcro, is there anyway that I can keep the slit closed? Thanks in advance for any input anyone can give on this.