I want to get a Hennessy and have a question about sizing.

I was all set to get a Hyperlight, but reading the "Hennessy Hammock weights" thread is making me rethink that. Apparently the Hyperlight might not actually be 5 oz. lighter than the Backpacker UL. And now I'm wondering if a Backpacker UL is long enough for me.

I'm 6' tall which puts me right on the 'bubble' for upsizing to an Explorer Ultralight for the extra length. I'm 185 lbs, so my weight doesn't really enter into the equation.

Does a 6 footer like myself see a significant increase in comfort with the longer hammock? And if so, do you think it would be enough to offset the added weight (approximately 10 oz.) of the larger hammock?

Ann from Hennessy replied to an e-mail and said I could try either model and exchange if I wanted. That's very generous, but I would rather make an informed purchase right off the bat and save them the hassle of an exchange and then having a slightly used hammock to unload.