once the april fools prank bs was out of the way, kiddies to bed had some time to really look this uq over, first impressions one word AWESOME!!! the stitching is top notch not one flaw. loft i believe is better than advertised on the website. i believe this quilt is good to 0 degrees. the workmanship, some of the best, and time that must go into this must be crazy. even had perfect trees wanting me to contact them in case i cannot get the uq suspension correctly, not that any of the other cottage manufactors are any less, so far everthing i have ordered has been AWESOME. If only the big companies would follow this lead of quality and customer support. from brandon at warbonnet outdoors, paul at ahe, opie at whoopie slings, brian at maccat you all are changing the way i do/think of small business and the power small business has on todays economy. for that I thank each and everyone of you. the only suggestion i would maybe recommend to perfect trees is maybe some type of step by step pictorial of how to hang the uq or video put up on his website for people like me that are a lil' slow