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    I want this to woork, but...

    Hi all,

    Typo in the title, oh well...

    I joined up about a month ago, bought a HH explorer deluxe (demo) w/ hex fly and SS direct from HH, for $159 CDN (good deal, I thought). The first time I set it up one of the fly tie outs ripped off. I contacted HH and they sent me a new one, and told me to keep the old one as a spare if it is repairable. It was, so great. (By the way, HH has been good with their customer service, they even sent me a larger stuff sack to replace the original one [which ripped as well] and to accomodate the larger hex fly.) Only this weekend I noticed that a different tie out is starting to go on the original fly. I inspected all the tie outs on the original and the replacement fly, and they seemed fine, but now I wonder. Anyone else experience this problem? I like a taut tarp, but I don't think I overdid it. I find that if the fly is not taut enough the wind blows the fly against the hammock, and if it rains, I am concerned that I will get wet. I am also not any harder on my gear than what the elements bring. I like to take care of my stuff.

    I am also finding that I am disappointed in the comfort level. I was hoping for "the best sleep I ever had in the woods," but this was not the case. I believe I am setting up correctly, close to level (head end slightly up, if anything). I have trouble finding the right axis to lie on, it seems I am not lying as flat as others describe. I cannot side lie without bunching up into the fetal position, and lying prone is out of the question. I get a bunch of hammock fabric on my right side, and I am about 2 inches from the bug netting on the left, so it just doesn't seem balanced. I am also wondering if I am setting the sag correctly. When tying the knot I tighten so that the hammock is nearly level, and when I get in it seems like there is an appropriate amount of sag (30 deg?). Any ideas?

    The insulation issue is also a PITA. I tried the wal mart foam and it was a disaster. I cut it up to make wings for the sides of my thermarest, and that I think is the ticket. Now if I can only get my neighbour to sew me up an SPE of some sort...

    I really like the idea of the hammock and I want it to work, but right now I am frustrated about a bunch of things. So far it has just been backyard hammocking, but in three weeks I am heading out for a canoe trip and I want to get the kinks out before, or I'm going to take the tent .

    Thanks in advance for any replies...
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