I've been considering buying or making a Potomac underquilt, but am wondering about storage options for use on a thru hike. Would it be feasible to make some snakeskins to accommodate the extra bulk? I was thinking that it may be best to use a big blackbishop sack to store my HH and underquilt, and then shove that bulky bundle into the bottom of my pack to be compressed by other items. That way the amount of compression could vary depending on space needed by the other things in the pack, and I could probably retain more loft (sort of like what Ray Jardin suggests for storing his synthetic quilt).

I have absolutely no experience as yet with any hammock storage options other than the Hennessy included very-tight-squeeze stuff sack, and I don't have any type of underquilt. I would love to see some words of experience here, because there are probably tons of ideas I haven't thought of.