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    Greetings from Sarasota, FL!


    My name is Dan Ryan. I got interested in hammock camping while researching outdoor survival skills on Youtube. Shuge's videos intrigued me and the "hangs" looked like everyone was having a blast.

    I went about ordering an ENO Doublenest. I probably should have done a few more reviews, hehe, that built in WarBonnet Bugnet sounds rather appealing with Spring fast approaching in FL, but live and learn. I'm currently awaiting the Whoopie Sling conversion kit from Opie, as the SlapStrap Pro definately stretches way too much for my liking.

    I am really looking forward to becoming an active member in your community. I've already got an enormous respect and appreciation for the level of knowledge and experience that I've seen come from this forum, from dehydrated meals, to alchy stoves, to tarp configurations. I wanted to extend my gratitude to the active members participating on Youtube and sharing their research and trials on new gear with those of us new to outdoor living. I hope that someday I will be able to pass down this knowledge to my own children and give back to the community that has already taught me so much!

    Thanks again,


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    Welcome to HF Dryan.

    ENO makes a bugnet for their hammocks that looks like it will work very well for you. Only complaints I have heard about it though is the weight of it. Eaten alive by skeeters or a little extra contest on that one!!!!!!!!

    There is massive amounts of knowledge and talent in this forum and some of the best people you will ever meet.
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    ENO Bugnet,

    I actually bought the ENO bugnet, as part of the one link system. It's okay, but a little inconvenient. I don't mind the weight of it so much as the way it attaches to the ridgeline and doesn't quite allow you to get to your feet on the ground without unzipping it and leaning through.

    Had I done better research, I think I definately would have gotten a different direction in the hammock and tarp setup, but it was a pretty price and I'm hoping this experience will help me learn exactly what I am looking for with future purchases. A big part of the reason I joined the forum is because after having the hammock out a few times, now I'm starting to realize the majority of mistakes I'm making (expensively, I might add -grin-) have already been discussed and researched by others, and what better way to learn then through direct communication!

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    as a long time eno user, the bug net situation can be resolved by either sewing velcro on the edge of the hammock(both sides) and no-seeum.viola, removable bug net that u can leave at home when not needed. or if you don't want to do that warbonnet has a bug net for top loading hammocks that does not cost too much money. just a suggestion!

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    I could see that upgrade being a highly viable solution! The velcro sounds like an awesome idea, seeing as I already have the net. I've actually been struggling with paranoia about modifying the hammock because I tend to botch these sort of things. -grin-

    After the reviews on the whoopie sling and seeing it in action, I decided I have to try that adjustment because of the stretch factor when my wife and I both sit in the hammock. I think once I do that mod successfully, I'll feel a lot more comfortable with idea of tweaking things further and I'm sure I'll be hitting yah up for yer advice on the velcro fastening.

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    Welcome to the forum Dan
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