My name is Dan Ryan. I got interested in hammock camping while researching outdoor survival skills on Youtube. Shuge's videos intrigued me and the "hangs" looked like everyone was having a blast.

I went about ordering an ENO Doublenest. I probably should have done a few more reviews, hehe, that built in WarBonnet Bugnet sounds rather appealing with Spring fast approaching in FL, but live and learn. I'm currently awaiting the Whoopie Sling conversion kit from Opie, as the SlapStrap Pro definately stretches way too much for my liking.

I am really looking forward to becoming an active member in your community. I've already got an enormous respect and appreciation for the level of knowledge and experience that I've seen come from this forum, from dehydrated meals, to alchy stoves, to tarp configurations. I wanted to extend my gratitude to the active members participating on Youtube and sharing their research and trials on new gear with those of us new to outdoor living. I hope that someday I will be able to pass down this knowledge to my own children and give back to the community that has already taught me so much!

Thanks again,