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    Choice of Hammocks for warm weather

    Since I got off into this hammock stuff, I have aquired several OTC models, and made several DIY hammocks. I won't even say how many total. BUT I have an affection for them all. Each time I make one, I think ewww weeee,, I like this one....Then I hang a different one and think the same thing.

    But I keep going back to a Hennessy. I guess because that was my first.
    I have done temps down into the teens with it, and am confident with my cold weather set up.

    As the weather is changing, the bugs are out now,,, skeeters,,, skeeters....

    Although I have the bugnets ,ENO and HAMMOCK BLISS,,,for the other no net hammocks,,,, I keep hanging the Hennessy.

    Now I am focusing on a warm weather set up... I made a harness ,so to speak, for a little battery operated tent fan and it hangs from the RL in the Hennessy. And I took the black bag in the Modular GI bag and zipped it up, leaving it all snapped up and slept inside the green patrol bag, with the black bag on the bottom.
    No pad was needed at all.

    The mild night time temps have been down in the low 60s the past few nights and slept very comfortable all night.

    Before long, it will be cuttoffs or shorts, no shirt and a sleeping bag liner when we hit those 90* plus nights.

    And I will still be FIDLING with these,,, If this hammock stuff was guided by the same principals as marriage I would be in BIGGGG TROUBLE ,, a man can't have just one (hammock that is)
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    I really liked the HH Desert Rat you had this past weekend. That's a good looking rig. Light, good summer color, mosquito netting, and cool fabric.

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