Hello all! Thanks for the activation!

I'm Brian, from Sudbury ON and have spent the last 20hrs, without sleep, after looking at the pictures from a buddy's outing this weekend. I started with "hammock tent" on Wikipedia and finally at about 3 or 4 this morning made my way and found this forum. I've been slowly compiling a list of products that work well for many people and am going to base my kit decisions on that! I then figured, hm I might try out all the crazy suspension mods right off the bat, but decided against it.

I'm currently leaning towards a Warbonnet, as the Clark's are too pricey and I think I would rather not have an all in one unit so that I can tinker and add as I want. Can't wait to be more useful than just a question asker, but we'll see where the days take us. I've got a tarping question, but I'll save that for the appropriate section