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    A Real Hidden Gem: Pukaskwa National Park

    I have a little place that I just can't keep private anymore. I'm sure some of you have heard of it, and some have been there but it is the real heaven on earth.

    Located 8km from Marathon ON, off the Trans-Canada highway, it is one of the largest National parks in the country. From short day trips to the Coastal Hiking Trail, there is something for everyone.

    I have not been very far down the CHT, I've only made it to the Suspension Bridge at White River and back, but once I get my hanging gear I will be making the trek. The first campsite at Playtor Harbour is a sight and a half, I'm going to stop talking and post some links, but seriously, anyone that is doing a Circle Route Tour of Superior or is looking for an outing that is farther than home and out of the ordinary should check this place out. Marathon in my hometown, but because I moved away after high school I never had a chance to complete the trail. It's on my list of things to do

    Without further ado:

    Extremely beautiful photo gallery

    Parks Canada

    Canada Trails Info

    This prove's that the other side of the big lake has some serious and beautiful hiking too :P Shugs and other MNites and WIites should really make the trip around the lake, and EVERYONE in ON should make the trip... Not saying others shouldn't, but it's remote.

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    Thanks for posting. I found out about this place a few years ago but can't quite remember how. Looks great. Makes me think of Bill Mason. Too far away for me to enjoy.
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