Hello All,

My son got me into both hammocks and this forum - I am new to both. I have been a camper/hiker in the past (limited to 3 day jaunts). His involvement started with camping hammocks and has extended to draining his water-bed and converting full time to hammock sleeping.

I have been dabbling in converting over to fulltime indoor hammock sleeping. Have tried a Mayan, a couple of very different Brazilians, a parachute and (ugh) a spreader bar. Overall I prefer the Brazilians, but like the way the Mayan expands to fit whichever way I want to lie, while the Brazilians tend to "cocoon" me. I have heard the Nicamaka (Nicaraguan) combines the best of both the Mayan and Brazilian but haven't tried one yet.

I am interested in hearing from others who are sleeping full time in hammocks and what they prefer and why.